It's time to work out.

Valkyrie Nutrition is dedicated to bringing our customers to their maximum potential. We have numerous levels of assistance available for everyone from the weekend warrior all the way to competitive bodybuilders.


Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer 100% Customer Satisfaction.

1 time meal plan


A fully customized meal plan created specifically for you. It will take into account your taste preferences, medical requirements, eating habits and schedules, and necessary nutrients your body needs.

1 time workout plan


6 day detailed workout regimen based on goals and needs. It will take into account any and all injuries, medical requirements, and alternative workouts for each item. It will also include all cardio requirements for reaching your goal.

month to month coaching



Custom Meal Plan tailored to your needs.

Custom workout plan to reach your goal.

24/7 support via text, phone, or email.

Weekly Check-ins.

Great for Competitors, General health, weight loss, and muscle gain.

Act now and you can receive 3 months for $300, or 6 months for $550! Up to a $200 savings!

David Leeper | Owner of Valkyrie Nutrition

I am a father, family man, and bodybuilder. I am a NCCPT certified trainer, body builder, and prep coach.  I started my fitness journey in 2012 where I was 285 pounds of pure fat. I was very unhealthy. Then my son was born. It was at that moment I knew I had to make a change. I managed to lose 85 pounds and started working at a gym. From there it is just history. I started competing and got bit by the bug. I have won 2 overalls at shows, and I am currently working and building my best physique. My goal is to help and educate people on the proper way to achieve the goals the want; as well as build positive relationships with those around me, and surrounding the community.

Song: Scars | I Prevail.